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The Workforce.Miami pledge is a public display of your commitment to building, improving, growing and sustaining local apprenticeship programs in Miami-Dade County.

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The 4 Pillar Pledge

Equity Centered Workplace

Employers will have a written workplace diversity and equity statement and goals. Employers will participate in annual workplace demographics and culture surveys. Apprenticeship.Miami will support employers in developing and refining these guiding documents.

Progressive Living Wages

Employers will offer paid on the job training at a living wage with progressively increasing wages. Employers must commit to hiring a % of apprentice graduates.

Cross Sector Collaboration

Employers will participate in collaborative centered info sessions, trainings, committee meetings, and/or focus groups. Participation in these collaborative initiatives will support the long-term success and sustainability of programs.

Program Evaluation

Employers will utilize GoSprout’s apprenticeship management tool to track apprenticeship progress, program ROIs, and micro-credential achievement. This data will inform long-term strategies and indicators.

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The First Step

Workforce.Miami supports new and existing apprenticeship program in building, improving, growing and sustaining local opportunities for untapped or underdeveloped talent.


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Make a simple commitment to uphold the four pillars, upload your logo, and you’ll be listed as one of our Miami pledge companies. It couldn’t be easier to get started!



Join our webinars, explore our quick start resources guide, and learn what it takes to revamp your current intern/apprentice program to our standards or create one from scratch.



Publish your first apprenticeship, internship or certification program on Workforce.Miami and experience firsthand the business growth and opportunities that come from a registered program.

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