Build a Registered Apprenticeship Program is bridging the talent and diversity gaps, activating and developing untapped talent and improving Economic mobility in Miami-Dade County. A Registered Apprenticeship program is a great way to learn skills that are in high demand while you earn. The Apprenticeship system develops and tracks the best talent for your business.

For Potential Apprentices

Apprenticeships are a great way to develop a successful career.

Whether you are a recent high school graduate or are looking to switch careers, a registered Apprenticeship program may be just what you need to break into an industry, build your network, and get the experience you need to earn more and succeed.

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a proven training method benefiting both job seekers and businesses. They are gaining momentum as a cost-effective alternative or addition to the college track. The flexibility for an employer to design an apprenticeship program offers a consistent way to recruit, train and retain talent that can be easily blended into current talent development strategies


Paid Job

Earn a competitive Wage from Day One

Earn a Competitive wage from your first day. The average starting hourly wage for an apprentice is $15.00 while the average starting annual salary for a fully proficient worker who completes an apprenticeship is $60,000.



Gain knowledge from on-the-job training, build your professional network, and benefit from job-related classroom training.



Earn portable credentials within your industry as you learn hands on experience.

Why an Apprenticeship?

Legally-administered apprenticeships create enormous, lasting value for hiring companies, sponsors, RTIs, apprentices & communities. They are so effective that all kinds of incentives are available to help each stakeholder participate.


Learn Before You Earn


Earn While You Learn

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