Show Your Potential

Prove Your Talent and Abilities in the Real-World is bridging the talent and diversity gaps, activating and developing untapped talent and improving Economic mobility in Miami-Dade County. Our certification programs were created to develop and test real-world skill, not test taking abilities, so that employers know exactly what to expect.

For Potential Earners

Certification and Upskill Programs allow you to prove your worth

Unlike the standardized learning and testing done in most schools, Workforce.Miami's certification programs were designed to give students practical skills and knowledge that they can immediately use in the real world. Our certification programs are not about memorizing, they're about doing.

What is a Certification Program?

Develop job crucial skills in high-demand industries. Learn from professionals and top rated companies to boost your network and land the job of your dreams.


Not Another Class

Certification programs are not like school, they're focused on developing skills in a real-world environment through projects and simulations.



Gain knowledge from lifelike projects and industry standard practices.


Resume and Referrals

Our certifications are trusted by companies across Florida and the world. Our high standards means that you'll have an easier time getting a job and companies can be confident in your skill level.

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